About me

Hi I’m Rolo. I am an articulate, passionate and driven 51 year old autistic man. My mission is to promote neurodiversity and autism acceptance. I want to showcase the huge wealth of knowledge and qualities that are wasted because autistic adults are not considered favorably in the job market nor any other arena, indeed only 15% are currently in full-time employment in the UK.

I wish to inform and discuss ideas from an adult autistic perspective, whilst helping and supporting the wider community with advice and information through workshops, talks and discussions which can be delivered using  the my AutismRolo van. I am also looking for a space to  give talks and hold information days and display art  by autistics and that is work in progress

Often with autism comes co-morbid conditions  affecting mental health issues including, depression, anxiety, OCD and eating disorders which are especially prevalent with female autistics.

AutismRolo aims to discuss these issues, bridging the divide between all neurodiverse groups whilst lobbying for change for us all. After all it is only through acceptance that we can learn to live, work and grow together.


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